Parenting Workshops

Village Parenting NYC offers Parent Effectiveness Training, P.E.T., workshops at our downtown office or at a location convenient to you. Parent Effectiveness Training, established in the 1960's by Thomas Gordon, PhD., is a system of communication with specific skills and techniques to help deal more effectively with the everyday issues all families encounter. Twice nominated for the Nobel prize for his work, Dr. Gordon promotes mutual respect and cooperation among all family members. A P.E.T. workshop covers practical concerns parents face - the course is interactive and hands-on, not theoretical or a lecture. It offers an alternative approach for parents who are looking for more choices in their parenting style.

We offer skill-building seminars and customized individual training sessions based on P.E.T. to learn better ways to help you and your family live together with more peace and harmony.

Learn Specific Skills To:

a child with his parents
  • Help children with their problems
  • Address unacceptable behavior
  • Problem-solve together
  • Establish your values
  • Foster open and honest communication
  • Develop solid and lasting relationships

To listen to Judy Pardo's podcast about P.E.T. click on this link: