Parent Counseling

Parenting is not something we are trained for. Many parents find themselves doing what their parents did, or the opposite, and often wonder if there's a better way. Whether you are a two parent couple, a single parent, grandparent, co-parent, or caregiver, parenting is often challenging. At Village Parenting NYC our goal is to give you options – alternative ways to address the many issues that are a part of family life.

These issues may include:
  • Discipline, limit setting, boundaries
  • Respect and cooperation
  • Responsibility, chores, allowance
  • School, homework, studying
  • Establishing routines that work
  • Honesty and privacy
  • Friends, peer pressure, bullying
  • Modeling: “Do as I say not as I do”
  • Sibling rivalry and fighting
  • Conflict resolution
  • Talking about puberty and sex
  • Technology and social media
  • Transitions I: preschool,elementary, middle school, high school, college
  • Transitions II: birth of sibling, moving, separation, divorce
  • Loss

We provide techniques to enhance parenting skills and improve confidence and communication. We offer realistic strategies that apply to children at each age and stage of development. Our focus is to help you gain understanding of your child's needs as well as your own, in order to promote long-lasting, positive relationships within the family.

child with parent

parent and child