Couples Therapy

Couples sometimes experience conflicts and feel stuck - despite much discussion it may seem difficult to move forward. Patterns, possibly with roots in the past, may exist in the relationship that keep us fixed in one place, even though we seek to change. Our goal is to open communication, to help partners understand each other better, to clarify each other’s needs and expectations, and to move toward a resolution that may seem otherwise unattainable.

We help you to:

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Listen, negotiate, and better express yourself
  • Restore closeness
  • Heal from infidelity
  • Appreciate the relationship and each other
  • Learn to balance work and family life; individuality and closeness
  • Adjust to new phases of life and their effect on your relationship
  • Understand your needs and find new ways to be intimate
  • Deal with issues related to desire and sex